Why You Should Keep Blogging (Even If No One Is Reading)

There are few things more discouraging to a small business owner than dedicating all this time and energy to writing a great blog post for your company’s website and then checking a few weeks later and realizing not a single person has read that post.

Write a few posts like that and most people are ready to give up on blogging completely. What the point of writing something that literally no one besides you reads? Especially when, as a small business owner, you have a million other things that you also need to do.

But even if no one – NO ONE – is reading your blog posts, you need to keep on blogging.

Here’s the thing: if you quit now, one thing is for sure – no one ever will read your blog. But if you keep trying, eventually you really will get there.
Here are four really good reasons to keep working on your blog, even if no one is reading it yet:
SEO results take time

If you’re already working on a business blog, you’re probably doing it at least in part because you know that improving your search engine rankings will require you to regularly create a lot of fresh, high quality content that your target customers want to read – in other words, blog posts.

But when you’ve written a few weeks worth of blog posts and you’re still not seeing any change in your website traffic, or those posts are going completely unread, you can start to go a little crazy (understandably).

But the thing about SEO is it’s a long term play. Most SEO consulting firms will tell you it will take 4-6 months to start seeing results, and a truly large difference might take 12 months to actually see. So don’t make the mistake of giving up before you would even expect to see results anyway.

Hang in there, keep writing, and be patient. You’ll get there!
It’s the best way to improve your quality

The best way to get better at anything is to do more of it; the best way to get better at blogging is to blog more. But often times fear holds us back from blogging more.

Keep working on your blog and over time you will start to see that you are improving. The more you write, the easier your writing will flow; the more you brainstorm blog post ideas, the easier it will be to come up with new ideas.

Blogging might feel like pulling teeth at the beginning, and it probably will never reach the point where it doesn’t feel like work, but it will get easier and your quality will improve if you keep a it.
It’s the best way to grow your expertise

They say that you haven’t truly learned something until you’re able to teach it to others, and I think this is so true – and extra relevant to entrepreneurs. We business owners often tend to depend on our intuition / gut for a lot of things, and our expertise tends to be in things that come naturally to us.

I’m a marketing consultant because creativity, design, web development, and copy writing come very naturally to me. You might be a carpenter because woodworking comes naturally to you, or a real estate agent because sales comes naturally to you.

But writing a blog will force you to take that expertise to a whole new level. Try writing down an explanation of something that comes easily to you and you’ll see what I mean. The first time I wrote a tutorial about something I do all the time, it took hours. Since I had a beginner audience in mind, I kept thinking of new things I needed add that I never even think about myself, and I kept changing the phrasing to try and make it a little less jargon-y and a little more accessible to newbies. But the great thing is by the end of that tutorial post I actually felt much more confident in my own knowledge, and it had forced me to make sure that the way I was doing things really was the best way.
You’ll be able to use all that content for other things

This is a great side benefit to blogging that a lot of people don’t realize. There are many, many things you can do in marketing that aren’t blogging but do require a lot of content – ebooks, infographics, downloads, newsletters, email marketing, podcasts, videos, and more. Even if no one is reading your blog posts, you should keep writing because all that content will come in handy when you have a chance to do some more marketing. Turn a series of blog posts into chapters in a short ebook; read the content of your blog posts in a podcast or video series; put excerpts from your blog posts into a print newsletter or email blast to customers; the possibilities are endless.

The important thing is to push yourself to keep blogging – keep creating all that high quality content – because there’s no shortcut. You won’t suddenly wake up one day and have hundreds of 1,000+ word blog posts sitting around to use in your marketing. You’re going to have to bang them out one at a time, and now’s a good a time to start as any.
A quick caveat: be strategic

Keep writing even if no one is reading, BUT don’t just blindly keep writing whatever you want. Make sure you’re using a good content marketing strategy even as you continue to write more posts. That means you need to have a clear definition of your target audience and what you want to achieve with each post, and have a good idea of your own mission or message to your target customers. Here are some tips on creating a good content marketing strategy.

By Alana Le

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