Creative Ideas For Awesome Email Automation

If you’re a blogger or entrepreneur working on email marketing, you might have tried setting up a sequence for new subscribers, like Day 1 – helpful links, Day 2 – product benefits, Day 3 – soft sell, etc.

But just sticking to a generic series for all new subscribers can be limiting, especially because the sequence isn’t connected with the unique, individual reason they have for signing up for your list.

Email automation doesn’t have to be boring and sales-y!!
Here are 5 creative ways to use email automation to engage with your subscribers and provide greater real value for their unique needs:
How To Guides

Teach your subscribers a process or new skill or habit that is hard – “How To Become A More Efficient Cook” or “How to Start Doing Yoga When You Hate Yoga” (someone please create that course for me to take). Each email should provide a few paragraphs of helpful how-to info, followed by an exercise or response for them to take action and practice what they learned.
Exploration Series

Challenge subscribers to do something they won’t do on their own, such as explore outside their immediate area, or try new types of restaurants, or read books or blogs they wouldn’t normally read. In each email send them on a mission to step outside their comfort zone and try another new thing.
Daily/Weekly Challenge

This is probably one of the most common email automation tactics out there, and I love it because sometimes it really does help to have someone email you daily when you’re trying to do something more or make a change in your life. But here are some ideas to take this to the next level and stand out from similar challenges:

Include accountability with a link they can click to let you know they completed the day’s or week’s challenge – check out Whole30 for a great example of accountability links
Make it weekly with daily challenges in each email so the daily emails don’t stack up
Build in community by inviting people to subscribe along with a small group of friends who plan on doing the challenge at the same time

Discovery Guide

Walk subscribers through a process of figuring out what they enjoy or prefer in a field they don’t know much about. “Discover Your Home Decor Style”, “Discover Your Ideal Work Environment”, “Discover Your Unique Strengths As A ___”, etc. This could be broken down into multiple emails to give subscribers a chance to do an activity or exercise to learn more about themselves and what they enjoy or to contemplate some questions you’ve given them.
Guide to Overcoming

What is a struggle your subscribers have? Poor budgeting habits? Not having enough energy to work out regularly? Afraid to market themselves because they feel self conscious? Create an email series to help them overcome this struggle. This works because something like this will take more than a single day or decision to fix – but if you walk them through the process with regular emails containing the info and encouragement they need, the will be able to take the time they need to change.

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